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How Treadmill Help Your Body ?

How Treadmill Help Your Body ?

The treadmill is not only an exercise machine. 

There is a risk to human health-and-fitness-in diagnostic tool that can answer a number of questions about how the human body works. 

A treadmill will help you reach your training and fitness goals by throwing the weight and sculpt the muscles in your body. 

The trainers of rehabilitation use the treadmill for a few people to get back on their feet after a traumatic injury. But did you know that the medical industry is also using a treadmill to assess the risk of certain diseases and medical conditions?

Fitness and Exercise

Whether you are walking or running, a treadmill helps you accomplish cardio exercises.

The best cardiovascular exercise is designed to increase your heart rate and keep your blood steadily pumping. The more your heart pumps blood and oxygen, the more calories you burn.

Milwaukee Veteran Affairs Hospital conducted a study in 2007 that determined that treadmill exercise burned more than 25 percent more calories than a bicycle.

On average, an hour of continuous treadmill exercise can burn atleast 600 calories.

Exercising with the treadmill can strengthen and increase tone of your muscles. Calf muscles and gluts are involved whenever you walk and run.

The quadriceps muscles also work when you exercise on a treadmill, stretching, and contracting with each step. Pumping your arms while holding lightweight dumbbells will work your arms and your upper shoulders.

Another way to increase the strength of treadmill strength training is to use the automatic functions. Adjust the incline to add more resistance. Set up a computer training program and track your results.

Physical Rehabilitation

When you are in need of recovering from an injury or a stroke, the physical therapists are using the treadmill, in order to get you back on your feet. 

But to go hard for the people who are struggling with their muscular co-ordination. 

Researchers at johns Hopkins discovered in the course of 2008, the treadmill helped stroke to improve the functioning of brain, and muscular co-ordination at a faster rate.

One of the great benefits of using a treadmill is that you can adjust the tilt and speed of the movement. 

Not every person is the same. The trainer can design a rehabilitation routine on the treadmill that is specifically targeted to your needs. You can also make use of different training functions, in order to make therapy more fun and exciting. 

You're going to feel more accomplished when you know that you just took a virtual walk around Central Park and then crossed the Golden Gate Bridge from the safety of your facility for training and education.

Medical Assessment

The treadmill to help the doctors and medical professionals to find out what your physical capabilities in a controlled environment.

This is the physiological assessment is commonly referred to as a stress test. A lot of people who don't get regular physical activity have a no clue of how much of the cardiovascular activity of his body is able to take it.

Treadmill walking and running, measured in a controlled range, and alert the doctor to serious problems such as heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. The track can be placed in the inside of the hospital, as a doctor have access to a wide range of health care products. 

Your medical evaluation may lead to a tailor-made exercise program, or just to be able to save your life.


The treadmill combines physical fitness and overall health. It is one of the few exercise machines that are truly universal. 

People of all shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness can use it for a variety of reasons. 

You are able to crank out a powerful cardiovascular workout, to bounce back from a debilitating injury, or to get some serious answers about your bodies disease. 

Regardless of whether you are at home or at the gym, beginner, or elite, with the use of a treadmill will give you control of your own health and fitness goals.

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